Laser hair removal prices

Laser hair removal prices(per session) using our advanced Laser  Machines from the USA & Germany. 

An average of 6 – 8 sessions are usually needed
The current offer: Free underarms laser hair removal session with each session of Full Legs or Full Arms, or half Legs with half Arms.
List of prices for laser hair removal:

Using our modern German and USA made laser hair removal machines.

Area Price Per Session
Full body without Face 2200
Full body with Face 2500
Under Arms 200
Bikini 300
Full legs + Free Under Arms 1000
Half legs 600
Full arms 800
Half arms 500
Back 700
Abdomen 700
Face 500
Full legs + full arms 1500
Bikini + under arms 500
Full legs + bikini 1300
Half legs + half arms 1000
Full legs + under arms 1000
Full arms + under arms 800
Back + abdomen 1000

For details about our Laser Hair Removal machines please visit http://dermahealth.org/machines

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