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AquaPure Hydrating-facial with the power of 4 Hydrate, exfoliate, rejuvenate & deep- cleanse your skin AquaPure - A medical grade all-inclusive hydrating treatment Why choose Dermahealth’s AquaPure Hydrating-Facial Treatment? AquaPure is one of Dermahealth’s

Many patients suffer from Acne. patients aged 11-25 are affected in around 75% of cases.  However, acne may continue to appear in the 30s and 40s. The formation of Acne 1) Increases

Understanding sensitive skin How is our skin protected? The most important way to protect the body and skin from external factors is the number of cells and thickness of the skin layer

Diet and Acne Classically it has been believed that chocolate, saturated fat, nuts & salt intake increased acne.  Interestingly this concept has recently been seriously challenged by modern research.  In a

How does smoking adversely affect skin Health & Aging? There are internal factors (such as genetics) and external factors (e.g. smoking - pollution - tension) that affects skin health. Smoking has been