What is Biorevitalization?

Biorevitalization is a broad term describing a range of procedures, at DermaHealth clinics, which aim to nourish and revitalize the skin through the introduction or stimulation of the production of hyaluronic acid, peptides or vitamins.  Certain procedures like PRP or cosmetic pens also aim at rejuvenating the skin though the induction of collagen production.  Products that are commonly used for Biorevitalization include Stylage Hydro, Profhilo and Restylane Skin Boosters. Areas generally treated include the face, décolleté, back of hands and neck.

Other approaches include the use of creams containing retinol, peptides, Vitamin C and multivitamins.  Duo-

Selene anti-aging face creams & Duo-Selene Eye Contour creams are recommended by DermaHealth experts as they contain the needed ingredients in effective concentrations

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