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The Prices for Fillers

The Prices for Fillers

Stylage M, Stylage L, or Perfecta 1 ml syringe: 7000Egyptian pounds

Juvederm, Restylane, Stylage XL, Stylage Lip: 7000 EGP

Stylage XXL: 7000 EGP

RRS, Jalupro, Restylane Vital and skin boosters: 7000 EGP.

Profhilo or Jalupro SuperHydro: 7000 EGP

The Prices for Botox

The original price of Allergan Botox is 1500 pounds/area, for example: Frown lines + lines around the eyes + forehead lines) price is 4500 Egyptian pounds for the entire face

Nefertiti Jawline + Neck Lift  4500 Egyptian Pounds for lower face and neck.

Masseter injection: 4500

Underarm sweating injection 6000

Migraine injections: 8000

Prof. Dr. Hussein Ghanem and Dr. Heba Darwish are the developers of the safe “Geometric Botox Injection Technology” that resulted in significantly improved safety and results with Botox, which was presented in Paris 2011 and published in 2016 in the journal Dermatology Research and Therapy.

We are also proud to have been awarded the Best Laser Treatment in Paris, at the European Aesthetic Congress 2015-2016.

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