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Hair Loss – Causes and Treatments

 Hair Loss And What Can Be Done To Prevent It


Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common condition that affects many people and can have many different causes.

Genetics: Hair loss can be caused by genetics, which means if your parents have hair loss problems you are likely to have it as well.

Hormonal: Hormonal changes in women, such as during pregnancy, breastfeeding, or menopause, can cause hair loss because of the changes to hormone levels.

Medical reasons: Medical problems like anemia, thyroid disorders, or other complex reasons such as having major surgery or getting a high fever.

Excessive use of heat and chemical products: Excessive use of heat on the scalp or using too many chemicals on your hair may also cause hair loss. treatments such as keratin and protein can sometimes cause damage to your hair when the wrong products are applied to your hair

The Process of Hair Loss Treatment at DermaHealth Clinic

When dealing with a medical problem like hair loss, our doctors first have to locate the cause of the problem, and this is why it is essential to pull a blood test first that might help uncover medical conditions that can cause hair loss, afterward your doctor will determine the right treatment for you

Your doctor will then examine your scalp to exclude infections or inflammations.

There are various treatments available for hair loss.

Invasive treatments: These treatments involve surgery, and mainly for hair loss in males. They can be expensive and can cause side effects such as pain, numbness, and scarring.

Non-invasive treatments: These treatments do not require surgery.  The first step is to manage underlying conditions like anemia or thyroid disorders. Further treatment includes topical or oral therapy therapies like Minoxidil and Finasteride and injectables.



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