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Botox & Filler injection experience

 Botox & Filler injection experience – By Dr. Hussein Ghanem
What happens once the patient arrives at the clinic for the injection?

For Botox injections at DermaHealth we focus on providing a personal, convenient & professional service within a relaxed atmosphere. The clinnic is very clean and modern. Every effort is made to keep the appointments punctual.  When the patient arrives at the clinic the reception staff will provide her with a sheet to fill in relevant medical history then she meets Dr. Hussein or Dr. Heba.  We provide sufficient time during the initial meeting to assess the patient and provide education & full information about the various cosmetic procedures, the indications and benefits of each procedure and any potential side effect.  We also show our patients computer presentations explaining the criteria for beauty and the various methods used to achieve it.   If the patient is planning to receive injection treatment on this session we make use of the time by applying anesthetic creams.  The patient is also informed about the cost of any procedure.

Are there follow-up visits?

Usually we plan to achieve the desired result during the first meeting.  However, a routine follow up visit is scheduled after 2 weeks where any touch up treatments are delivered, if needed at that time.

How long does the procedure take? What type of environment is the patient experiencing as she undergoes the procedure?

The patient is then taken to the treatment room where she rests on a specialized injection table which allows the physician to treat her at a setting maximizing patient and physician comfort.  The injection table rotates to provide convenient views & assessment from different angles optimizing the results. The procedure is usually 20 to 30 minutes.

What material, equipment and techniques are used?

At DermaHealth we use the safest material mainly Juvederm (France), Restylane (Sweden) and Toesyal (Switzerland).

The injection room table is designed specifically for cosmetic facial treatments.

Utmost attention is given to an aseptic hygienic environment.

We have the needed equipment including Radiofrequency, Microdermabrasion, Laser & IPL machines.

Dr. Hussein Ghanem developed the “Geometric injection technique” for Botox presented recently in Paris that provides accurate reproducible results with no complications noticed so far.

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