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Suitable Laser Machine

Differences between modern Laser Hair Removal Machines

Spot size

Mediostar Pro XL: 9.1 cm2 largest spot size resulting in shortest treatment.

LightSheer Duet: 7.3 cm2 large spot size comes second.

Candela Pro & Deka Motus: 1.8 cm2, slowest treatment


Type of skin for suitable for treatment

Mediostar Pro XL: All skin types especially Middle East & Mediterranean.

LightSheer Duet: All skin types especially Middle East & Mediterranean.

Candela Pro  & Deka Motus: Fair skin.  May burn darker skin.


Mediostar Pro XL: Very effective using a double laser beam (wevelenght 810 + 930) targeting the hair root & its blood vessels
LightSheer Duet: Very effective (wavelenght 810)

Candela Pro  & Deka MotusVery effective (wavelenght 755)


Mediostar Pro XL & LightSheer Duet: Safest machines as longer wavelengths (810 & 930) bypasses the skin targeting the hair root. Very safe & comfortable with all skin types,

Candela Pro  & Deka MotusShorter wavelengths (755) may be partially absorbed by the skin for darker patients.  That may cause burns. Burns are extremely rare with the Mediostar Pro XL or LightSheer Duet, due to the longer wavelengths bypassing the skin, and if occurring they usually aremild and heal without scaring.

Speed & Comfort

Mediostar Pro XL is the fastest with no to minimal pain due to the largest spotsize, 360 degrees advanced cooling system and long wavelengths bypassing the melanin in the skin targeting the melanin in the hair root.

This is followed by the LightSheer duet which also have a large spotsize. The Candela Gentlelase Pro  & Deka Motus have the smallest spotsize and shorter wavelength so it is a longer process and a less comfortable treatment.

3 machines HG

Choosing the most suitable machine

Not all skin, hair types & colours respond similarly to various laser machines. Your doctor will examine you & recommend the Laser machine & wavelength that is most suitable for your skin.

Difficult resistant cases: 

Combined 810 + 930 Lasers: Germany’s ‘MeDiostar Next Pro XL’ is the most innovative machine in this category. Very comfortable & safe ‘smooth mode’.

Middle Eastern & Mediterranean skin: 810 + 930 nm wavelength Lasers (diode lasers), the Mediostar Pro XL and LightSheer Duet are the best in this category due to speed, effectiveness & safety.

North European& Fair skin: 755 nm wavelength Lasers, Germany’sMeDiostar Alex & Candela  755 nm fall in this category.

Very dark or African skin:
Nd Yag lasers as Fotona are the most suitable

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