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Prepare for Laser Hair Removal

Pre-Laser Hair Removal Instructions:

  1. Avoid intense sun exposure for 6 weeks to prevent tanning.
  2. Postpone laser sessions in case of skin inflammation such as sunburn or presence of wounds.
  3. It is preferable to shave the hair using a razor blade 24 hours before the laser session. However, refrain from using hair removal creams or waxing two weeks before the laser treatment.
  4. Avoid using retinoid creams for two weeks.

Post-Laser Hair Removal Instructions:

  1. Some redness is normal; cold compresses can be applied.
  2. Skin moisturizers are recommended.
  3. Avoid intense sun exposure for 3 days, and preferably use a high SPF sunscreen (30 or higher) for two weeks.
  4. Avoid saunas, Moroccan baths, and retinol creams for 3 days.
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