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mental crease


What is a Mental Crease?

 A ‘mental crease’, is a horizontal groove between the chin & lower lip. It is formed by the continued action of the chin muscle ‘Mentalis muscle’ and increases with age.

A deep mental crease may be inherited, the results of your chin’s natural form, or related to the position of your jaw or teeth. As collagen and the structure it offers begin to decrease with age, the mental crease can become exacerbated.

Facial muscle movements, particularly pouting, can cause wrinkles or enlarge grooves along the mental crease. These creases become more prominent as you get older and your elastin levels drop. The mental crease can also be deepened by chin muscle expansion caused by genetics or years of facial expression.


How to Fix a Deep Mental Crease?

The mental crease could be softened by dermal filler injection into the mental crease, or botox injection into the Mentalis muscle. 

The mental crease is one of the satisfactory areas of the face to treat with filler or botox injections. After dermal filler therapy, there is a small possibility of bruising. On the day of treatment, your doctor will explain the risks and advantages to you to ensure that you are comfortable and well informed before initiating treatment.

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