Fractional laser treatment for freckles and pigment removal


Fractional laser treatment for freckles and pigment removal

How Does a Fractional Laser Treatment Work in The Treatment of Freckles and Pigmentations?

Fractional laser treatment is a skin resurfacing device that uses fractional laser beams to help treat unwanted pigmentation or wrinkles.

Fractional laser treatment works by causing microscopic injuries to the skin that aim at rejuvenating the skin during the healing process. 

This type of laser treatment is usually not suitable for very dark skin.

The procedure typically takes around 20 minutes and it is done with a topical anesthetic cream that’s applied for 45 minutes to numb the skin. The process has also been shown to reduce fine lines, fine wrinkles, and acne scars.   Redness and peeling usually take a week on average to resolve. 



Fractional Laser treatment

What to Expect from This Treatment?

Depending on the depth of pigment, patients can expect their skin to be red or have some bruising for 5 to 7 days after the procedure. You may notice your skin being darker due to the shedding of melanin pigment. This is how pigmentation works and the process is dependent on skin cell turnover. Depigmenting creams and moisturizing creams like Duo-Selene Anti-aging moisturizing night cream are usually applied for a couple of months after the procedure.


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