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Thread lift is an effective cosmetic procedure that lifts and tighten sagging skin by inducing collagen production. In the past permanent threads were used that lead in some cases to permanent complications. Currently absorbable PDO threads (similar to those used under the skin in closing wounds) are the safest. These threads stimulate collagen production and tissue contraction.  An initial improvement is usually noted that gradually increases over 2 – 8 weeks. The threads dissolve in 3 – 6 months but the collagen stimulation effect is maintained for an average of 12 months.

It’s a simple procedure, where a needle is introduced and removed leaving the thread in place. Local anesthesia may be used. Side effects include swelling or bruising in some cases that lasts an average of 2-3 days.  Most patients may go back to work next day.

Thread lift Certification in Italy
Thread Lift (Face)
Thread Lift (Neck)