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Geometric Technique for Botox Injection Sites and Which Areas to Avoid

Botox Injection Sites – The Most Common Questions Answered

Botox is a drug used to temporarily reduce muscle activity. It can be injected into different areas of the face, but the most common injection sites are the area between the eyebrows and around the eyes and mouth. Determining Botox injection sites are one of the most important factors to a successful botox injections

Botox injections can treat facial wrinkles and lines. Determining the injection site is one of the most important factors in a successful injection. The doctor will be aiming for a symmetric look, and by achieving this he has to draw the correct lines and figure out the best points to inject.

The number of injections needed depends on your goals and what you want to achieve.

Botox Injection Sites On Upper Face

Botox injections are commonly administered in the forehead, frown lines, and around the eye areas to reduce wrinkles.

The forehead is the first area for botox injections because it is often the most wrinkled. Botox injections in this area can help reduce wrinkles and make you look younger. The foreheads usually refer to 2 areas, the transverse forehead lines, and frown lines. Such lines form when smiling or frowning

Botox Injections Around Lip Area

Botox injections around the lip area and marionette lines are considered effective treatments for wrinkles around the mouth.

The botulinum toxin can be injected in the lip area to help reduce wrinkles on the lower face. This procedure is also known as “marionette lines” because they occur in an area where facial muscles are often used.





What Is the Geometric Botox Injection Sites Technique?

How to maintain symmetry while injecting botox? Professor Hussein Ghanem, and Doctor Heba Darwish, Consultant Dermatologists and Cosmetologists, and founders of Derma Health clinics in Cairo have come up with an effective solution

Geometric botox injections is an accurate botox injection technique developed by Prof. Hussein Ghanem and Dr. Heba Darwish. The technique was presented in the International Masters Congress on Aging Skin, Paris, Jan 2011 (Lectures 901 & 913) January 9, 2011

The technique was well received & generated a lot of interest among the audience due to its accuracy, simplicity, effectiveness & most importantly decrease of complications and symmetry.

Even the most experienced eye can not act as an accurate measurement device that would place injections at exactly symmetrical positions on both sides of the face.  Unsatisfactory results are frequently related to the asymmetry of Botox injection sites. Geometric Botox injection is a simplified approach to achieve accurate reproducible results.

botox injection sites to avoid

Botox is a type of cosmetic medicine that can be injected into the skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The injections are usually done to the forehead, frown lines, crows feet and other areas that have wrinkles or creases.

The injections can also be used to treat excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) and muscle spasms. Botox is not addictive, but it does come with some side effects such as drooping eyelids or irregular smile in case of overdose or injecting too close to a muscle that needs to be avoided.


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