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A New Era of Beauty with Dermal Fillers

The Basics Of Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are a type of cosmetic injection that can be used to change the shape and volume in areas in the face or body. They work by adding volume to areas where there is less, such as in wrinkles or folds, or by softening areas where there is excess, such as in deep lines. Dermal fillers are made from hyaluronic acid-based products, which are injected into the skin through a needle or smooth tipped cannulas and then gradually break down.

There are two main types of dermal fillers: temporary and semi-permanent. Temporary fillers last only six months or so before they need to be re-injected while semi-permanent fillers last up to three years. Temporary fillers are safer and usually hydrogel-based, which is what holds the materials that give volume. They can be injected into the skin, and then dissolved by body fluids and removed naturally by your body. Semi-permanent fillers utilize collagen for stability and are mixed with serum for longevity in your skin before injection.

Dermal Fillers from Head to Toe

From head to toe, dermal fillers can be a great way to fix many of the insecurities you have.

Fillers are a great way to get your confidence back without going under the knife for surgery. With dermal fillers, not only can you fix your face. but also, dermal fillers can be used for certain areas of the body. You must be familiar with fillers for lips and wrinkle treatments but did you know that fillers can also sculpt your butt, Help your body recover after pregnancy, and even could add a bit of volume to your breast. However body fillers are less popular as they are more expensive and less efficient than face fillers. The first body filler, Macrolane, was pulled out of the market, but others are still available. 

How To Find The Right Dermal Filler

There are many types of dermal fillers, but the most popular is hyaluronic acid (HA) filler as it is much safer. HA gel is used to reduce wrinkles and add volume in areas such as lips, cheeks, and chin. There are a variety of HA fillers on the market that come in different concentrations with different thicknesses.

Other types of dermal fillers come in many different shapes and sizes and they can be made from different materials such as:

– Polyacrylamide hydrogel (PAH) fillers

– Collagen dermal filler

– Calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) filler

Dermal filler Side Effects and Risks

Dermal filler side effects and risks are a concern for those who are considering dermal filler injections to improve their skin.

There are many different types of dermal fillers on the market, but several of them have a few risks and side effects. Most importantly is the risk of intravascular injection which would need to be dissolved by hyaluronidase. Only hyaluronic acid fillers can be easily disolved. This risk us minimized by using using smooth tipped cannulas. One of these is an allergic reaction to the ingredients in the filler, which can lead to swelling, redness, or a rash. The other is bruising at the injection site, which usually resolves within a week or two.


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